new and confused

This girl. Goodness. She makes me feel some type of way about her after hanging out for a few weeks. Then she drops me. Stops texting, all that. I finally muster up the courage, the liquid kind, to ask her why.

You’re an awesome person, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted a relationship.

Fine with me, honestly. I didn’t know if I was either, idk. Would have been sooo much better if she just told me. She said she doesn’t do well with those types of conversations. Wellll hunny, gotta learn someday to talk and not ignore.

Welllll she’s back. In full force. We connected again, this time I was more reserved. I wasn’t looking at her the same way I used to or giggle at everything she said. We were gonna be friends right? Fwb? Who knows but I just wasn’t about them feelings again. And then we hung out again, and again. And dammit if they aren’t back. And she says she really likes me. I told her I like her too, but I liked her more before she stopped texting me. She said she should never have done that and she won’t again.
But she still did once. Makes me very nervous.

Esp, since have being left once before nearly broke me I’m shattered pieces, makes me nervous it will happen again. She’s the only other person I’ve caught these type of feelings for since my first love.
She also said that part of the reason why she stopped talking to me before was bcuz she likes me. Makes sense right? Ha.

I’m just leary going into this. I still have a lot to learn about her, and her about me. I don’t want to u haul it bcuz I dont to rush and someone get hurt. She says she can trust me. I dknt want to be tan asshole in this situation and I dontnt want to get my heart broken again. This datinhg shit is for the fucking birds ain’t it tho?

— she’s so hot tho. She’s just my type. She smokes. She drives. She’s an art student. She’s not short. Just perfect in appearance all together. And, personality is right there too.she’s a bit more reserved than I would normally go for but maybe that would be a good thing. We could bring out things in each other.

I feel like I am also way over thinking this. I just wish I could get in her head and see what she’s thinking. I don’t want to play this off like no big deal to her if she means more. I dknt want to seem to pressed if she still doesn’t want a relationship. I feel like its too soon to ask. Its like the same thing happening that did last time.

Game plan:
Be cool.
Don’t hang out alllll the time (well, don’t continue)
See how she seems. Make small hints.
After a month, if it lasts that long, then ask the more serious questions?

Fuck. My. Life.

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Anonymous Asked:
Let me try asking this without being confusing lol. For being bisexual and being out for a couple months, do some lesbians have something against us bisexual girls? :/


Some lesbians do. 

Those lesbians need to shut up. 

Bisexuals are awesome. 

#bisexual #truth #yay

You are really pretty

Well, thank you! :)

pandamouth Asked:
Everything alright?

yeah im better. lol what made u ask?

Yeah so Ive come to the conclusion that I am going to be single for a long time so I might as well get used to it.

I’m like extra single. I think there is only a hand full of people out their that will actually get me, Ive already met two and they didn’t work out so my numbers are dwindling. uh oh :/